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Cordless circular saws are basically the same as corded saws but they're more portable and they tend to be smaller. The biggest misconception about cordless saws is that they're not as effective as corded ones because of their smaller size and the fact they’re portable. This is far from the case - the blade on a cordless saw is still a blade, and it spins just as fast as the one on the corded/mounted saw. There's nothing you won't be able to do on the cordless version that you otherwise would be on the corded and a cordless saw could be a great addition to your workshop. This is especially the case with the more expensive cordless saws.

If you're starting out now and the thought of handling circular saws scares you, these are the most practical solution because they're smaller and they're a lot easier to handle. You won’t be on edge when you’re pushing them to their limits. This is why they're the best gift for beginner craftsman - you can pick up one of these for next to nothing and the dangers of handling them are severely reduced.

As you might guess, the portable factor signifies they're powered by batteries and this means that you can only use them until the battery goes out. However, this isn’t a deal breaker because everyone can benefit from the added portability. You can get around the entire problem by purchasing 10-20 replacement batteries and you'll never have to worry about running out of battery in the outdoors - simply change the batteries between work breaks and/or charge a few at night. They're affordable enough that you could purchase dozens of replacements without breaking the bank. This way you can use your circular saw indefinitely. The replacements are dirt cheap. Read more or skip straight to our top saw suggestions.

Advantages Of Cordless Circular Saws

The main advantage is that cordless circular saws are just as powerful as corded circular saws. If you're used to handling corded saws and you're skeptical about switching to a cordless one (because you feel it would be a downgrade), you're going to be pleasantly surprised especially with the latest saws coming out. The reason being is that the newest cordless options are very powerful and there easily comparable to their big brother corded versions. You're not restricted to cutting wood because the better ones can cut thin metal too. They're the best learning experience and if you start with one you can just upgrade to a more powerful saw later. For instance, if you plan to branch out to metal working as a full-time job you can simply get a cordless little saw to experiment and then upgrade to metal-specific miter saw (read our guide on metal saws) once you get in the hang of working with the small ones.

These are also the best option for homeowners. If you just a regular homeowner you know nothing (or care to find out) about crafts work then you're best off purchasing one of these because they're the best for casual use and will have you covered on everything you need to get cutting work done at home. They're super small and one of the most convenient tools that you can stash in a garage and take them out when you need to handle your business. You can also carry these around your property if you have a large property and you need to do maintenance work - they're portable and they're effective.

The main distinction between these and corded saws is in the size. The size difference is reflected in the weight too because most of these weight less than 10 lbs and the average weight is between 7-8 lbs. They are far more convenient and easier to use any other saw, in fact they're the easiest use of all saws period. If you wanted to learn everything about saws you could do it with a simple cordless saw.

What Can You Cut With A Cordless Circular Saw?

You can cut would every type wood. The only variation would be the depth of the cut depending on the saw that your purchase. You can also cut metal and metal sheets. You won't be able to cut deep unless you apply lots of pressure (could mess up your blade) but you can still cut thin sheets with ease. You also won't have the benefits of metal saws such as heat absorption but you could still get all the work done if all you had at your disposal was one of these saws. You can cut aluminum and cut different tapes. There is basically nothing that you won't be able to do but keep in mind that these are general-purpose saws and that if you do a certain type of work such as metal work you could save a lot of time and energy by getting a metal saw instead.

The fact they're powered by batteries means that these are some of the most convenient saws available. All have to do is purchase a couple of replacement batteries and get around the battery problem by charging two or three while you're sleeping and then simply replacing them one by one as they keep emptying out. This way you can keep going the whole day - your saw won't break, it will keep going as long as you have battery. This makes them usable outdoors if you have to do a lot of maintenance work on your property. They are the only option but they're the best option for the job.

Are They Still Worth It?

Yes, they're definitely worth it. You could argue that corded are the better professional solution because they are larger and more stable but cordless saws serve their purpose and it's always great to have at least one of these saws available. This way you can interchange between different saws depending on which one you feel is the most suitable for the job.

The most popular brand names for cordless saws are the same as any other power tools with DeWalt and Makita leading the way.

Cordless Circular Saw Reviews

Dewalt DCS391B Cordless Circular Saw

DeWalt is consistent in making the best tools in the power tool industry and it completely dominates the $100-150 price range when it comes to saws. There saws are always the best-selling ones because they combine high-performance and come at very reasonable prices. They're not the cheapest but they always deliver and when you purchase a DeWalt you're guaranteed your money will go a long way. The DCS391 is one of the heaviest cordless saw that you can purchase and if you enjoy working with bit of a chunkier saw (coming from a corded saw) you won't feel a major downgrade when you switch. It's about as heavy as cordless saws can get.

The battery on the DCS391L1 is superior to most batteries in the price range, especially other high-end ones. It comes with a 20V Max 3.0 battery which is not only better than 18V batteries but regular 20V batteries too - it will give you flawless performance. When you compare this to 18 V batteries statistically you gain about 60% more in runtime. This is a great deal and even if you already got a great saw you should consider upgrading for this specific reason. It's the best battery and it's even better than standard 20V batteries at a 30% performance increase. The battery only weighs 1.5 lbs and takes a bit over an hour for a full charge. The DCS391L1 also has a dedicated three LED gauge system.

The DCS391L1 has a solid 3700 RPM motor which is more than enough for all cutting jobs you'll need it. The biggest mistake you can make is to assume that higher RPM means that you have a better saw. For instance, in metal working the lower the RPM the better off you'll be because it's more accurate and all the best saws for metal working are somewhere in the sweet spot between slow and fast. You need to cut at a steady rate otherwise the heat buildup goes overboard on the metal saws. It offers great performance and it has the best battery so it makes it a strong contender when you're on the market for a high-end cordless saw. If the main reason you're buying cordless saws is to get portability then it makes sense to purchase one that gives you the most runtime. It clearly outclasses every other high-end cordless option.

There are other neat features that the company included in this release such as a blade break which is an excellent security feature. The way it works is by being highly responsive to the trigger and the breaks. The millisecond you release the trigger it activates the brakes and the blade stops spinning. This makes it one of the safest circular saws on the market and it's also the lengthiest in terms of battery life. The DCS391L1 epitomizes DeWalt’s attention to detail when it comes to making cordless saws this is part of the reason there saws are best-selling. It's not the most expensive and is not the cheapest either - it's the best value for price.

Makita XSS02Z Cordless Circular Saw

The Makita XSS02Z is the company's flagship cordless unit and the Japanese giant is known for producing the most reliable tools and accessories in the power tool industry. They're always known for producing high-powered, highly reliable tools that are a favorite among craftsmen. This is also one of the most expensive cordless saws that you can purchase. It spins at an RPM of 3700 and it's very small taking up around 7" in size. It's powered by an 18V battery which means is pretty standard and you can purchase replacements for next to nothing.

This kind of battery takes less than 30 minutes to get a full charge and you might even get away with using a single battery. The 30 minute charge time means that even if you only had one battery you could still charge it between work breaks. You can set the bevel angle up to 50° and cut depth up to 2.2".

When you combine a high-powered motor with a sleek ergonomic package, you get the XSS02Z. This Makita is one of the easiest to use and among the most comfortable cordless saw options with full rubber coating around the gripping area making it easy and convenient for extended outdoor use. The company also included an LED light at the top which is a feature that only high-end saws have. This gives you extra visibility over the work piece and it has standard features such as an integrated dust blower to blow the residue dusts out. You could easily cut at night on your property because the LED light is strong enough to illuminate everything. It only weighs a bit over 7 lbs and it's one of the most lightweight portable saws to date.

The gripping is very comfortable and you retain greater control over the work piece because when you're not having a hard time controlling the saw - the work piece has a tendency to stay in place. It's a bit over 13" long and 7" wide which is one of the smallest among general circular saws but it's pretty chunky by cordless standards. If you only had to purchase one cordless saw and you wanted to get the best one than this is a want to go for. It's not only powerful and comfortable but it's also backed by the Makita brand name which says a lot about the reliability you can expect.

Ryobi P506 ONE+ Cordless Circular Saw

Ryobi is known for putting out some of the best deals that you can find of the low-end/starter market and if you just wanted to get the most bare-bones cordless circular saw that would give you basic functionality for casual cutting work then this is a want you should get. It's super affordable and in fact is one of the cheapest circular saws that you can purchase but that doesn't mean it's going to under deliver on all fronts. It features an excellent 6-1/2″ blade which is more than enough for cutting different kinds of materials.

This is also an upgraded version to their older models with about 50% increase in power and it's powered by a great 18V battery. If you're surprised you can get a 6-1/2″ blade for under $50 you're right because this kind of deal is very rare. The company also offers optional battery packs at a very good price to extend your battery life. This is the best play tool because it's powerful and it's dirt practically free. You shouldn't underestimate the power that this little thing has.

The no-load speed on the ONE+ is 4700 RPM. This doesn't necessarily make it better than more expensive saws (because it's faster) but if you want to cut fast then this is definitely an advantage on the small saw. It's also the smallest saw and only weighs 5 lbs. It basically weighs less than a laptop. The company includes a very powerful 20T carbide-tipped blade so you won't have to purchase a blade separately. It has excellent ergonomics and it looks great, and for the price it cannot be beat.

This is one of the best gifts that you purchase for a beginner in the crafts industry because it's super affordable and it works - it simply delivers. It's not something that you want to use as a primary saw in a commercial setting but it's definitely going to prove useful when you want to do simple maintenance work on your house or the property. It offers great value for money and we had to mention it among the more high-powered solutions because we want to prove that cordless saws can be useful even at the very low-end. Even if you're working in a commercial environment you might want to consider this because it's that cheap and it could come in handy once in a while.