Best Metal Cutting Circular Saws Reviews 2017

Best Metal Cutting Circular Saw


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Metal cutting circular saws are the same as regular circular saws but they're designed for cutting metal (hence the name). They're identical to other circular saws but the difference is that their entire designs are geared towards processing metal hence they become the only choice for professionals who do metal work as a full time job. It’s possible to use a general purpose saw to cut metal but that's only going to hold you over for so long, and you'll eventually have to branch out to a real metal cutting saw. These saws will provide clean cuts for metal without overheating and they can handle the heat buildup like no other saw. This is what they're the only option. Fortunately they're not a lot more expensive than standard circular saws.

Why Pick Metal Cutting Circular Saws

Metal cutting saws should be picked over regular saws because they're capable of handling heat and they are basically immune to high temperatures. This is why they're suitable for cutting metal and all that heat buildup is neutralized, allowing you to make the cleanest cuts while operating with the same efficiency as any other circular saw. If you use the circular saw in the past their most common application is for cutting lumber but they're also popular in the automotive and construction/interior industries. People use them all the time to cut metal sheets and roofing and there also favorite in the household. If you find yourself cutting a lot of metal you can replace your default circular saw with one of these. There is no metal sheet that you won't be able to cut with the saws on this list. They are also affordable enough that you can purchase them for under hundred dollars and they would be perfectly suitable for cutting metal.

Faster Metal Cutting

The main reason you should opt for the saws over general-purpose saws is because they tend to be slower than general-purpose saws. You would think that higher RPM = better saw but the opposite is true for cutting metal. The average speed for metal cutting saws between 3000 and 4000 RPM which is a bit slower than regular saws. You need slower speed in order to cut metal because metal tends to be stronger than most materials and you need something that will keep you safe when you're cutting thin sheets and won't cut your hands. All the other saw types fail to deliver. Metal is more delicate and the tools necessary are different. You don't want it too slow where the blade won't engage the metal, but you don't want it too fast where it rips it to shreds - you need the sweet spot and metal saws are built to provide that.

Metal Cutting Blades

The blades that you'll find on metal cutting saws are different than general-purpose saws because they require a different way of cutting. The blades are designed to cut at a slower RPM as to penetrate the metal material and give you accurate cuts without wavering and/or aggressively ripping it apart. This is why you need something that can apply consistent pressure but do so at a steady pace without messing up the straight line. It's similar to diamond blades when you have to cut granite or other masonry - regular blades won't cut it.

The most common blades actually use are 5-3/8" and these are perfect for metal work. You can find these for almost no money and they're even more affordable than other types of blades. Everything is affordable from the saws themselves all the way up to the optional replacement blades.

Deflect Heat Buildup

When you start cutting with a metal circular saw you can expect to generate a lot of sparks and high temperatures. If this is your first time cutting metal you've probably seen professionals using this type of saw and creating sparks on contact. Most people associate industrial work with this type of saw. This is why you need the specific blades that can process high heat instead of melting, because the metal will heat up to astronomical levels fast and if you touched it could melt your skin. If all you have is a general-purpose blade it's going to heat up two times faster than a metal-specific one. You could pull it off for only so long until it starts going dull. You get more longevity on your blades when you purchase ones that are designed for cutting metal and the housing on the parts tends to be made from better materials that can withstand high heat and work with all metal cutting saws.

Benefits Summary

The reason why should select this type of saw over any general-purpose saw is because metal is a very delicate material there requires a certain type of saw to cut. It won't take any blade you throw at it! It's arguably harder than cutting wood. If you cut wood or tiles you're still going to have heat buildup but it's not to the extent that you'll have on metal. In fact, it's the most dangerous material. This is why it's so imperative to purchase a saw that is specifically designed for metal cutting purposes instead of a general-purpose saw. You can also purchase multiple saw types and have one ready for every specific task. It doesn't matter if they're corded or cordless as long as they're designed for cutting metal.

Metal Cutting Circular Saw Reviews

DeWalt DCS373B Metal Cutting Circular Saw

DeWalt's DCS373B is one of the most efficient mid-range metal cutting saws. Metal cutting saws are among the most expensive circular saws in general but this one is a great deal because it has everything a professional needs to cut metal. It delivers the optimal RPM for cutting metal and allows you to cut an entire range of metallic materials. There are very few metals specific saws which can top the DCS373B.

It comes with an RPM of 3700 which is a bit slower than general-purpose saws but it's the optimal speed for cutting metal. It's not too slow and it's not too fast. It's ideal for professionals of all kinds ranging from electricians up to automotive workers. It has immense cutting depth with a maximum 1-11/16" and it comes with a great 30 tooth carbide blade that is made for metal cutting. You won't be forced to purchase a separate blade. You basically get everything you need for metal work right out of the box.

DeWalt also added certain goodies that you won't find them cheaper metal processing saws such as bright LED lights that can illuminate your property for outdoor work even when the lighting is not optimal. It's a lot harder to see what you're working with when you're cutting metal as opposed to other materials because of all the sparks but when you're working with the DCS373L2 you'll get a bright shining light pointing in the direction of your cutting line and enabling you to get the exact cut that you need. There is also a window called "Sight Line" which the company made to enhance the abrasion resistance of the unit. This is also one of the most durable and adjustable metal saws. The grip is rubber molded and is one of the most comfortable to use.

Inside the package DeWalt over delivered by packing basically everything you need for metal work without having to purchase extras of any kind. For instance, they included a replacement 20V battery (so 2x batteries) that will double your usage time. It also included a charger, blade and an entire box full of accessories. The unit is backed by DeWalt's amazing 3 year warranty that includes replacement parts and a year of free servicing. They also have a 90 day money back guarantee which is more than enough to determine whether it's the right saw for you. This is clearly aimed at professionals and if you do full-time metal work you shouldn't settle for anything less.

Makita 4131 Metal Cutting Circular Saw

The Makita 4131 is another exceptional high-powered metal cutting saw that is backed by the Makita brand name. There is something about Makita that makes it loved by craftsmen from all walks of life and their products are known for reliability of the kind that no other company can match. Their power tools have always stood out and this metal cutting saw is no exception. The 4131 is Makita's flagship metal cutting saw. It has 3500 RPM and only weighs a bit over 11 lbs.

This unit epitomizes metal cutting functionality and takes abrasive cutting to a whole new level. It's a bit faster than competing saws in its price range and you're getting a 70% increase in speed if you compare it to the smallest general-purpose saws. You can easily get rid of burr and minimize the heat when you use the 4131. The Makita 4131 will also minimize the sparks and if you're sensitive to sparks this should be something to consider. It's capable of handling metal sheets up to 0.3" in thickness and has an excellent steel plate. If you do a lot of roofing work or fencing this saw is an excellent option.

Inside the package you'll find not only the saw itself but all the accessories Makita included. For instance, they included safety goggles so if you're just starting out and you plan on purchasing separate protection you won't have to because it's already provided with the package. They also give out a standard 2 year warranty which is a great match for the price. You'll find a rip fence, cermet blade and a wrench inside your package along with the new 4131.

Milwaukee 6370 Metal Cutting Circular Saw

Milwaukee's flagship 6370-21 is known as one of the most reliable saws in a metal processing world and it's got the price to match. If you want to expedite your metal cutting and get the straightest, cleanest cuts then this is the best saw the money can buy. It's not only perfect for the actual cutting but it's also perfect for heat and drying.

The company included a dedicated "dry cut" technology that can easily deflect chips and integrated blade shields as well as a chip tank. You'll feel the most secure when you're cutting metal with this saw and it not only has a sight line on the saw that gives you an improved overview over the cutting line but it also has point indicators conveniently placed at the cutting edge. You will always have overview over your metal no matter the angle that you're cutting with.

The idea behind "dry cut" technology is to provide faster cutting with even more effective heat absorption. This way you can make the cleanest cuts despite the fact that you're cutting one of the most sensitive materials. The blade shield is also exceptional and it's one of the best at handling sparks. If you're enjoying plunge cuts there is a dedicated plunge lever that you can use to expedite your workflow. There is also a quick release button for the blade that allows you to dispose of waste and replace blades in under a minute. This unit also comes with a 13 AMP motor and produces 3700 RPM.

It's definitely the best metal saw money can buy and if you want to splurge then this is the only saw you'll ever need. Milwaukee over delivered in every aspect and it offers metal cutting experience that is superior to all else. The company also included a 2 year warranty on parts and service. This is very hard to beat, especially if you plan on undertaking metal work as a full time pursuit and not just a hobby. You'll not only get the benefits of having the most high-powered tool in the industry but you'll also have experience of the best service warranties in the US.

Evolution EVOSAW180HD Steel Cutting Saw

The Evolution EVOSAW180HD has a long name it really is one of the most standout metal cutting saws that you can get. It's not the most expensive and not cheap either - The main standout feature is that it looks better than basically every other metal saw on the market. It looks very contemporary and has the performance to match. It has bevel tilting for angles from 0 to 45° and this is perfectly fine for a full range of accurate metal cutting as well as integrated debris removal systems. Heat buildup is minimal on this unit and you'll never be left with burr on your metal. This is generally one of the most reliable mid range units.

Similar to other high-powered metal saws you're not going to have an overload of sparks when you use it. It can cut as deep as 0.25" and it only weighs a bit over 12 lbs. This is a reasonable weight considering all the functionality it packs by default. When we add up the fact that it performs similar to the most expensive saws yet it could save you as much as 50% compared to the most expensive, this is hard deal to pass up on because it provides great value. You'll have a very heavy-duty device that both looks great and has the performance to match at a very reasonable price. The cutting depth is super easy to adjust and you'll always retain full view ability over your metal sheet tanks to the dedicated clear visibility panel. You can cut everything from stainless steel to aluminum with this beauty.