Best Mini Circular Saw Reviews 2017


Mini circular saws are not to be confused with cordless circular saws because both are cheap and small but the main distinction is that mini circular saws are just smaller - they are not necessarily cordless. If you're just starting out in your on a budget your main debate between different small saws. Some mini saws are cordless but most aren’t. The best way to decide is to think about your long-term plans. If you need a lot of movement and you plan on doing a lot of maintenance work on your property then you need the most powerful cordless saw because it’s portable.

If you're trying to learn a craft and you eventually plan on branching out to bigger corded saws you are better off starting with corded mini saws because they're basically a downsize equivalent of the bigger saws. The best part is that most of them are priced at around $100 or less and they all have blades that are powerful enough to get you started on small DIY projects and other kind of hobbyist work. You can learn the basics with one of the saws and they cost almost nothing. The most important thing you need to know about mini circular saws is that they function the exact same as regular circular saws but their size is smaller. They don't have a steeper learning curve and as long as you learn the basics of circular saws you should be able to use a mini circular saw because they're a breeze.

Mini Circular Saw Reviews

Worxsaw WX426L Compact Circular Saw

WORX produces great saws that are mostly designed for woodworking and if this is your main pursuit then you should consider their saw because it's the most affordable and it weighs even less than other small saws. If you're coming from a 7 1/4” saw you're going to experience about a 50% reduction in weight. It has a very thin blade that puts less strain on the machine and this gives you improved performance for small tasks.

This tool is suitable for anything except high-powered cutting and it's easy to set up. The depth of the lever has an easy set trigger that you can adjust in two seconds and you can select any angle from 0 to 45°. One thing to keep in mind is that this is a left-sided play design (for right handed men) that is designed for cutting in a straight line and as a very comfortable trigger with easy balancing due to the lightweight ergonomic design. You'll find it easy to gain control of this if you have weak hands and you're insecure about handling a large saw. It’s best for beginners.

Inside the package the company included the saw itself, a detailed instruction guide, an adapter for the dust vacuum, a key and the 24 tooth standard blade. It comes with a 3 year warranty on parts and service which is unheard of among starter saws and this makes it a no-brainer if you're in a budget and you’re trying to extract the most value for your money. It's a great first timer saw and it's not going to feel like much of a downgrade if you're coming from a large sized circular saw. If you have small hands and feel awkward handling a big saw, it's going to feel comfortable even when you’re cutting plywood. You get the cleanest cuts and it feels very sturdy and well made. This unit is proof that even the most affordable saws tend to have a certain standard of quality. It's also affordable enough that you can purchase multiple units at once.

Rockwell RK3441K Compact Circular Saw

This unit is very similar to the other Rockwell and they come at the same price because they're part of the same product lineup. The main advantage is that this one has a bit more of a powerful motor with 5 AMPs but the RPM is the same at 3500. Either one of these you pick – you couldn’t go wrong. The RK3441K is one of the most lightweight saws on the market and it only weighs a bit over 5 lbs making it one of the most portable tools and easiest to work with.

As a very ergonomic design with easy controls, it provides accurate cutting on a straight line. Rockwell makes their products to appeal to woodworkers and this unit is perfect for cutting 2" lumber as well as similar small pieces. You get about 10 ft. of range with the basic cord and this is more than enough for a small shop.

If you're just starting out as a wood worker you’ll appreciate it’s similarity to a cordless saw because it extends your range of movement and you don't have to worry about batteries. It's powerful and it's cheap. If all you have to do is a couple of cuts every day and you don't plan on taking this up as a full-time job/commercial pursuit then this is one of the best saws to purchase. You'll be getting a great cutting depth for the price and a whole lot of accessories and goodies at the company’s expense because they decided to include them by default. You also get a great warranty which means that this is definitely going to last years with light use.

Makita SH02R1 Lithium-Ion Cordless Saw Kit

Makita products are always at the top and this one is no exception - the SH02R1 is the most expensive mini saw on the market it and it's about twice as expensive as all the other mini options. The reason why is not just the Makita brand-name backing it but it's really twice as powerful as the other saws. This is the only mini saw they can be used as an actual replacement for professional saws when you need something smaller yet powerful and you want to focus in on an area to get an accurate cut with a smaller equivalent to your main saw.

It has certain features that most of the other mini saws don't such as an LED light that will increase your visibility over the area your cutting and considering this is a cordless saw you can use it move it around at will. The LED is great for outdoor use where you can use all the light you can get. It's a 12V battery and charging is very fast (under 30 minutes) and you can purchase replacements for a low price if you want to use it indefinitely.

It's very easy to make accurate cuts with adjustable angles of up to 45° with the Makita SH02R1 - something you wouldn’t be able to do with the other saws. This is why shelling out the few extra bucks might pay off if all you’re looking for is a small saw to complement your main saw. You'll find it easy to operate and get through every kind of material; given that it weighs just over 4 lbs you should be able to throw it in a backpack and carry it to the job site when the situation demands it. This is about as good as a small circular saw can get. You'll find your cuts are increasing in accuracy comparative to the other small saws and Makita included a protective circuit that will protect the battery against over-discharging or overheating in the first place (when we put too much pressure on it). This way the battery will always last and it can never blow up on you.

Compared to the outdated Makita units the battery has seen the most improvement and this time it comes with a LED indicator that will let you know when it's charged and how much power you have left. This way you can prepare a replacement battery right before you run out of battery and you can just throw in your placement battery.

Black & Decker BDCCS20B Circular Saw

Black & Decker produces some of the best entry-level saws and they make saws for under $50 that can give you immense value for your money considering they're all modern/sleek looking and they are proof that even the most bare-bones saws can bring plenty of value to craftsmen. If you want a small saw that actually works and you want to retain full movement then you should get a Black & Decker BDCCS20B. It’s an excellent lightweight option that won’t put strain on your hands (you can use it for a long time) and it’s going to save you money in the process.

You’ll be able to do a lot of wood chopping and for casual cutting work and property maintenance this is one of the best deals you can get. The default battery that comes with the BDCCS20B is good enough but you can purchase replacement batteries for next to nothing. The bevel adjusts from 45 to 90° and has a very compact design that is easy to use.

If you expect an underperforming saw because of the super small price you'll be in for a surprise. This little thing is going to cut through wood like butter and it has similar performance to saws that cost twice as much and it's not going to have problems cutting standard 2x4 boards. If all you need is to cut boards then this unit has you covered. It provides the most value for price and a single replacement part on the most expensive circular saws may cost as much is this entire unit. This is why you should give it a try for you need is the most basic tool with plenty of portability.