Best Miter Saw Blades Reviews 2017


When you're about to purchase a blade the main thing that you should consider is whether the blade can match your saw. The biggest mistake beginners make is they purchase a best-selling blade thinking that it's uniform for all circular saws but the differences in size between the different blades are huge. The only way you can tell if the blade you're about to purchase is going to fit size-wise is to check for the bore on the instruction manual that came with the saw. You then have to match the bore of the saw to the bore of the new blade. For instance, if you have a 1" bore on your saw you need a blade with a 1" bore. As long as those two match you can replace your original blade with the new blade – you know it's going to fit.

Miter Saw Blade Diameter

One major factor single out is that you want to watch out for the diameter of the blade you're purchasing. If you have a large diameter on your replacement blade, the bores might match but it could also negatively impact your guard. When you look in the instruction manual of your saw you should be able to find the dimensions, especially the diameter for blades allowed. You'll usually get a minimum and maximum diameter and as long as your replacement blade falls in between those regulations you should be fine. If you have a thin blade you'll be able to make thin cuts and if you have a wide blade you'll be making wide cuts - simple stuff. Neither one is necessarily better. You need different blades for different applications and most craftsmen change blades. All the measurements are marked and the blades we recommend this page are general-purposed and suitable for most miter saws.

Selecting Good Miter Blades

There aren't a lot of ways to determine the quality of a blade except checking for the brand name and price but an interesting indicator is to check for notches on the blade that are cut out on the disk. If your disk has the space to open up and expand its going to be able to process heat a lot easier and this is very useful when you're cutting metal and similar materials with a lot of heat buildup.

These are our top most recommended blades that you can purchase as an accessory and prepare for your saw. You don't need these if you're just starting out and have a bare-bones miter saw but when you get to the mid range and high-end miter saws you're going to want something that maximizes your accuracy and gives you variation.

Best Miter Saw Blades

Dewalt DW3106P5 Saw Blade Combo Pack

DeWalt consistently produces reliable power tools and then don't fall behind in blades. The DW3106P5 is best-selling blade and one of the most reliable blades because it's not just a single blade - you get a "combo" pack and the price can't be beat. This is the best choice if you just need to do cross cutting and this blade is extremely soft and able to remain sharp even if you're using it extensively for heavy duty work. It's great for abusing your miter saw.

The DW3106P5 will give you the exact/precise cuts you need and it's for all the popular miter saws. It has a very thin kerf that will speed up the cutting when you need it and it's also smooth even at high RPMs. Even if you have to deal with hard objects you should be able to cut them with ease and is going to stay sharp for months without getting dull. You'll forget about maintenance work when you get a pair of these.

The DW3106P5 is half the price of other high-powered miter blades and this is an entire combo pack (not just one blade) which is why it became the best-selling blade pack in general. You'll get enormous value for money considering it's a dual package and it's a lot better than the default blade that came with your saw. You're also getting a great warranty and the blades are backed by the DeWalt brand name.

Freud D12100X Circular Saw Blade

The Freud D12100X is where the top-of-the-line blade start and this is one of the most hard-core blades that you a professional can purchase. It's fully made out of aluminum and it easily suppresses vibration while minimizing noise. This makes it a favorable among professionals who use it for extended sessions and the teeth are super sharp. You're not going to see faulty scratch lines or irregularities when you purchase this blade unless your saw has a tendency to vibrate. It has a very standout rake angle and looks like a super aggressive blade that will give you extra confidence knowing that you'll be able to penetrate through materials with minimum effort. It has a very nice design finish too.

The D12100X is a very serious blade meant for commercial applications and designed for professionals. This is why you're paying the price and it might be worth it even if you're trying to replace a cheaper starter blade because you'll never get the same vibration absorption and cutting power on those. It's definitely razor-sharp and suitable for large 12" saws where you just want the straightest angular cuts and you need the most reliable blade for the job. If you're cutting wood you'll get used to having zero tear out thanks for the Freud. This is the type of blade that you can use extensively day in and day out and it's still going to keep giving you perfect cuts despite all the abuse. If you enjoy pushing your saw to the limits you're going to need the right blade to enable that and the Freud is a wonderful choice.

Dewalt DW3128P5 Saw Blades

The DeWalt DW3128P5 is the company's prime miter blade and it's one of the most versatile blades you can ever purchase. It also has the price to match. It's not only aimed at wood workers but this blade is aimed at construction workers and automotive workers. This blade is suitable for the hardest materials and you'll be able to slice everything that you would be too afraid to try on a regular blade. This blade is straight high-end and you should consider it even if you have a mid range saw because it's going to suit most and increase your cutting ability at a very reasonable price.

The DW3128P5 is one of the best bargains on the blade market and the company included it's standard warranty which guarantees longevity. It's pure joy to use and the DW3128P5 will spoil you because you'll have to put in minimal effort and still get the straightest, most accurate cuts.

This is one of the best performing blades that will last you for the long term and if you want to make investments that give you serious returns, you should definitely shell out the few extra bucks to get this. If you have a DeWalt saw it makes them much more sense to purchase from the same company because the combination is designed to work flawlessly.

Makita A-93681 Miter Saw Blade

The Makita A-93681 is proof that even when Makita makes an affordable piece it's still capable of over-delivering and provides immense value for price. The A-93681 won't be a huge downgrade from the best blades and at the same time it's a lot better than the default blades that come with most starter to mid range miter saws. If you're stuck with one of those basic blades then you should consider upgrading to this blade because it has micro grain carbide teeth that perform at an outstanding level for deep cuts.

This is an extremely sharp blade that will smoothen out your cutting process and allow you to get better cuts with less effort. If you cut a lot of masonry and you want to improve the accuracy of your blade, than this is a blade to consider. The Makita A-93681 is suitable for woodworkers but also cutting masonry and metal pieces. Definitely one of the best value for price blades.

CMT 253.072.12 ITK Miter Saw Blade

The 253.072.12 is the most expensive miter blade that money can buy. This blade will allow you to bring the noise down to a minimum and increase your cutting power. It's the most versatile blade on the market allowing you to get super precise cuts on masonry and if you cut a lot of granite/laminate it's the best blade on the market. CMT went above and beyond on the 253.072.12, including 60 sharp teeth and making the ultimate/premier blade on the high-end. If you invested in the best miter saw then it makes sense to purchase blades that match it in performance and allow you to extract the best performance from your saw - no other blade can match this.

It definitely justifies the initial price tag considering you'll be able to pay your investment back based on the increase in productivity/performance alone and if you need a blade that will match an expensive miter saw this is the one to get. It can also take a lot of abuse without a drop in performance - CMC 253.072.12 is the best miter saw blade on the market. It's very sharp even when you're using it aggressively and it retains that performance over the long term. It's a great replacement for the default blades that come on expensive miter saws. This is a favorite among professionals that do a lot of heavy duty work. If you had to blindly pick one blade that would guarantee both powerful performance and reliability then you couldn't beat the CMT.