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How to Use a Multimeter

Start by understanding the basic measurement units and feature sets and experimenting with the wiring that came with the package to get the most out of your multimeter. If you’re a beginner twist the main knob to get a feel for all the basic functionality. This is the big knob which is usually located in […]

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How to Drill Sea Glass

Sea glass is not real glass but it’s a name for small stone-like fragments that occasionally wash up on coasts around the world (if they are genuine) and they come in a range of vivid colors. Most of them are distinct from other types of glass because they’re not sharp and the colors make them […]

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How to Use a Pole Saw

The pole saws on our list are the safest on the market but they’re also powerful enough to cut through branches with immediacy which is why you should be extra careful in handling them – they could cut through your hand just as fast. If you lack the experience necessary there are only 3 basic […]

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