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Best Mini Circular Saw Reviews 2017

Mini circular saws are not to be confused with cordless circular saws because both are cheap and small but the main distinction is that mini circular saws are just smaller – they are not necessarily cordless. If you’re just starting out in your on a budget your main debate between different small saws. Some mini […]

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Best Miter Saw Blades Reviews 2017

When you’re about to purchase a blade the main thing that you should consider is whether the blade can match your saw. The biggest mistake beginners make is they purchase a best-selling blade thinking that it’s uniform for all circular saws but the differences in size between the different blades are huge. The only way […]

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Best Miter Saws Reviews 2017

Miter saws are some of the most powerful, widespread and best-selling saws in the power tool industry. They are loved by craftsmen and home owners of all walks of life because they are convenient, portable and accurate. You can find a miter saw in basically every work shop in America and they’re also present in […]

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How to Use a Pole Saw

The pole saws on our list are the safest on the market but they’re also powerful enough to cut through branches with immediacy which is why you should be extra careful in handling them – they could cut through your hand just as fast. If you lack the experience necessary there are only 3 basic […]

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